Forensic Audio Recording Analyses


Forensic Audio Recordings are created in many different ways. Consequently, they come in all sorts of forms — most are ad-hoc.


We know organising and presenting evidence is challenging enough. With our forensic services, we could help you these overcome complications. For improved peace-of-mind we offer:


* Recording Format Conversion — for safe and convenient playback, as you need, on the equipment you really prefer.


* Forensic Audio Recording Enhancement — increases the perceptual quality of poor/covert recordings by noise/hiss removal.


* Physical Comparison & Authentication — of suspect/counterfeit media such as rare Tapes, Vinyl Pressings, Wax Cylinders, etc.


* Auditory Scene Analysis — to characterise non-speech sounds, buzzing, abrupt noises, gunshot, etc.


* Signal Continuity Testing — to help authenticate recording circumstances by detecting edits, re-recording or copying of material.


* Music Comparison & Analysis — to investigate presence of undue sampling, copying or other use of melodies, rhythms, riffs and other content used without authorisation or credit to the creator/owner.

Our forensic audio solutions can be applied to evidential recordings created in a wide range of formats. You can give us details of your particular needs (and any important deadlines) by simply sending us your Forensic Audio Analysis Enquiry.


There are several ways for you to send evidence to us. Please be sure to always make contact with us when ready to do so.

Besides the above solutions, we provide Forensic Speech & Language investigations and several other Forensic Services.

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