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The scientific and technical seeds of the organisation reach back to the late 1980s with the development of cold laser and electro-acoustic devices for signal acquisition, imaging, non-destructive testing and measurement applications.


As time passed and technologies changed, interests moved towards machine-based classification and pattern recognition more focussed on sound & vision. Both of these areas are linked to human speech and interaction and, without doubt, those things greatly impact on everday life. It now seems natural for some of our insights to help professionals and private individuals who are involved in serious legal disputes.

As a result of the above we have provided beneficial input and support of various kinds over the years. Because our forensic services can play such a vital role we are always willing to undertake long-term projects as well as short, but complex, one-off enquiries.


Fusion Corporation R&D perform a key role in forensic expert witness services. However, we feel a significant amount of learning and insight should come from life outside of the courtroom and purely academic contexts. We therefore look favourably on matters which explore community diversity and understanding groups some may call 'hard to reach'. Because of this we have proactively created a range of service areas to benefit other organisations and communities.


Overall, we aim to maintain a hard-working but approachable environment built on confidentiality and trust.

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