Forensic CCTV Analyses


Forensic Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Recordings can be created on a range of systems. Often the failure to perform a thorough assessment of needs can mean a multitude of video image formats may currently be in use on a single site. As this can lead to costly maintenance and repair issues camera specifications and positioning may be rather compromised.


Added to the above issues are environmental factors (such as, adverse lighting or weather conditions) which can deteriorate the quality of recordings even more.


As we know organising and presenting evidence is challenging enough, we could help you these overcome complications. For improved peace-of-mind we can offer:


* Recording Format Conversion — for safe and convenient playback, as you need, on the equipment you prefer to use



* Image Processing & Noise Removal — for enhancing the perceptual quality of poor forensic recordings



* Item/Person Labelling — to assist easy tracking and explanation of recorded objects or possible movement



* Image, Scene, & Event Chronology/Assessment — for slick recalling of evident facts or contradictions


* CCTV Image Continuity Testing — to help forensically determine authenticity of disputed visual scenes


* (Crime) Scene Reconstruction — for the clearest characterisations of scenarios and questioned incident(s)


* Proximity Mapping Analysis (PMA) — a powerful forensic tool for objective measurements/comparisons using known features, e.g., body height, physique, faces, facial mappings/profiles, ears, hand-held items, weapons, etc.

Our forensic CCTV investigations are suited to evidential tape and digital recordings in a wide range of formats. You can give us details of your particular needs (and any important deadlines) by simply sending us your Forensic CCTV Analysis Enquiry.


There are several ways for you to send evidence to us. Please be sure to always make contact with us when ready to do so.

Besides the above solutions, we provide Film/Video, Photo/Scan/Image Analysis as well as several other Forensic Services.

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