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Gaining Strength by Numbers


Fusion Corporation R&D believe that the best type of research and understanding comes from projects involving everyday people. After all, if they are not invited to provide input much at foundation stages how can we expect much of their interest in any actual output?


We have a number of research projects which are long-term and most focussed on public involvement. Their ongoing nature means people are able to join and contribute at any time. We welcome people from different walks of life because we feel this increases depth and richness. Therefore, no matter your age, gender, sexuality, phyiscal ability or ethnic heritage we would love for you to participate in one or more of our studies, which are summarised below:



Say It Loud — this project provides scope for adults and younger volunteers. Its purpose is to find out how different (or the similar) people of various backgrounds sound when speaking expressively.


There are many reasons why we speak louder or quite emotionally at times. Trying to get a point across, or giving someone a telling-off are examples. The interesting question is, how do people like you choose to do it? ... [Join this project]



Non-Native English Speech Corpora — this study welcomes input from the young and old, alike. Its focus is on accents and speech styles of people from various foreign language and ethnic backgrounds.


A big issue is how they can differ, or even be told apart, even if saying identical phrases with the same intended meaning! Is your speech 'typical' of your background, or do listeners sometimes mistake it? ... [Join this project]



Handy People — this is another project that can involve volunteers across a wide age range. Its designed to help find out how expressive, in terms of arm/hand movements, people of various backgrounds are when speaking generally.


There are many reasons why we might use gestures while talking. Trying to get a point across, giving someone a telling-off, and simply trying put others at ease are examples. The interesting question is, how handy are you? ... [Join this project]



Walk The Walk — this project provides scope for adults and younger volunteers. Its purpose is to find out how different (or how similar) people of various ages and backgrounds walk/move around, in terms of their speed, style, and bodily postures.


This sort of research is interesting because some aspects could provide insights to the stability and ease of elderly peoples' movement with/without aids, etc. Another issue is whether the way people walk has any unique or group-specific (e.g., Male versus Female) traits. While other projects deal with talk, our question here is, will you Walk The Walk? ... [Join this project]







And, There's More —


Did you know we may have Volunteering/Intern Opportunities or be able to offer Student Sponsorships?


Additionally, we are open to playing a role in certain community events and making the most of initiatives whenever possible. If you think something will be of interest please let us know here.

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