Forensic Analyses of Mobile Telecomms Devices & Smart Phones

Besides the above solutions, we provide Speech and Language Analyses as well as several other Forensic Services.



Advances in technology means there is a massive variety of Mobile Phones & Telecomms Devices in use on a daily basis. Although phone calls are a standard feature most devices will create, send, or receive Social Media Messages and even GPS/Location Data at some point.


Clearly, not all information stored or created with such mobile devices is of vital or lasting importance to its to the sender or recipient. However, we realise there are times when such data is, yet seems inaccessible or vulnerable to loss. We know matters can be worsened by power loss, water damage, or deliberate breakage, too.


We know organising and presenting evidence about the workings of mobile devices or unfamiliar smart phones may be challenging. We aim to improve peace-of-mind and overcome complications by offering the following key forensic services:


* Data Format Conversions — for clear and easy viewing of stored information, in a way to suit you and the Courts.


* Call Data, Image, and SMS Content Reviews — to provide easy recall of evident facts, alibi contradictions, etc.


* Voice Call Records and App Usage Analysis — for forensically confirming the accuracy alibis and viability of accusations, etc.


* SMS/Text Data Retrieval — techniques to help forensic access to hidden or normally unreadible messages.


* Cell Site & Location Data Analysis — for delivering the clearest illustration of user whereabouts during time of questioned events


* Phone Message & Social Media Data Recovery — to verify the existence of vital recordings or incriminating data, etc.


* Phone System Functionality & Glitch Examinations — to forensically confirm certain device features and/or operability. This services is especially useful for claims following droppages, water damage, or intermittent faults on touch screens, keypads, etc.

These forensic Mobile Device & Smartphone investigations are suited to a wide range of items. You can give us details of your particular needs (and any important deadlines) by simply sending us your Forensic Mobile/Telecomms Analysis Enquiry.


There are several ways for you to send evidence to us. Please be sure to always make contact with us when ready to do so.

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