Sustainability and Strength by Numbers


We are keen to maximise opportunities which allow members of different communities to mix and better understand one another. In fact, Fusion Corporation R&D believe that regular contact with a diverse cross-section of the public is a good source of personal growth.


A number of our research projects are long-term. Their ongoing nature means people are able to join and contribute at any time. We welcome people from different walks of life because we feel this increases depth and richness. We also understand that although we like to engage with individuals and special interest groups to form good working relationships, you may want to do a similar thing in your spare time.


We are keen to here from volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life. There are several ways you or someone you know might like to get involved. Volunteering for us can help:




* produce a great sense of satisfaction *




* broaden your social circle and interests *




* allow you to 'give something back' by sharing expertise *




* keep informed about the latest developments *





We are grateful when people can play of positive role in the good things happening around them. There are several research projects that we feel are worthwhile developing. So, if you feel you can make a valuable contribution please let us know.



Besides volunteering, there are a range of other Services which may interest you or your community/organisation.

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